Not seeing image from ZWO ASI174mm

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Not seeing image from ZWO ASI174mm

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I am having what seems to be a random issue in which the camera is seen, connected, and appears to be sending imaging commands as judged by the green time bars, but no images come in from the camera and after a while I get an error message that the camera has disconnected. I have a friend I just introduced to Sharpcap and he has the ASI174 as well and he is having the same issue. It is noteworthy to mention that one way it will work is if I plug it into the back of my ASI294mc at the OTA with a short cable. when both camera's are on the OTA the 174 is being used off axis, where the problem popped up was when I tried to use the 174 stand alone to do solar on a different OTA.

I assume I have the latest sharpcap, when I click the update option the reply is you have the latest version, I am curious as to how I can tell if I have the 32 bit vs the 64 bit. (so some history in the forum where 32 bit was causing a similar issue but it was a very old string)

Is there possibly a setting I have wrong that could be causing this.

Thanks Ed
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Re: Not seeing image from ZWO ASI174mm

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Hi Ed,

The most likely causes of problems like that are actually USB related issues. It sounds like the connection is working well enough to identify the camera and send it simple commands like changing exposures mode , but is failing under the higher load of trying to send images. It would be worth taking a look at the USB troubleshooting page and working through the suggestions there to see if any of them help you.


In particular, try different USB ports, different USB cables and adjusting the 'Turbo USB' setting downwards to see if any of those help.

Cheers, Robin
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