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New issue

Post by theoatc » Tue May 28, 2019 5:07 am

New issue yesterday. My zwos are connected through a powered USB 2 hub to my laptop. Both cameras are recognised as supposed. The 183 mono is capturing through Sharpcap normally. But, when I load the 120 in phd for guiding, phd2 says that the camera does not respond after 20 sec, and disconnects it. But when I use the sgp pro, for image acquisition with the 183 , the 120 works normally in Phd. What is wrong here? Fiy, same ports and usb traffic 40 (or 80) is used. The configuration is the same. Only the capturing software changes.

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Re: New issue

Post by admin » Tue May 28, 2019 7:55 pm


I think this is pretty much to be expected – SharpCap works like a video camera and is continually taking frames when a camera is active. In fact the code is set up to be quite aggressive in making use of the highest possible frame rate as this is important to solar/lunar/planetary images who use the same hardware. SGP has a different philosophy and so is probably less likely to saturate the USB bandwidth when driving the main camera thus leaving the guiding camera able to continue slipping a frame in now and then.

The best option here is to run separate USB cables – one for the high resolution camera and one for the harbour that can run everything else (low resolution cameras, mounts, filter wheels, etc).

Cheers, Robin

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