Camera Analysis on a ZWO ASI294

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Camera Analysis on a ZWO ASI294

Post by RudyOtten » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:06 pm

Good day Gents,

I use SharpCap now for more than a year and I got the license for life-time (Hope to become 114 :D )
Today I tried to use the feature to measure the performance of the camera so it can be used by the smart Histogram.
I'm a bit puzzled with the outcome as I had to redo it 3 times.
The first time it indicated that the brightness level was too much, so I decreased it. (I'm using my light box with dimmer for that).
Then it complained about that it was to dim and that the time to capture all the data was to long.
I found a setting and it did the first part, I got the graph with the straight line.
I then got the question for covering the scope to measure the dark current noise.
And after that it continued but gave at the end an error aying:
Minimum exposure reached. Reduce the light level and try again?

Interesting is to mention that when I now press the brain button it does show a graph
and it does give me an optimum exposure time. But I have no idea if they are now valid or not.

I attached the screenshot at the moment of the failure message.

Any input is welcome.


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