ASI120MM dropped frames

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Re: ASI120MM dropped frames

Post by admin » Fri May 17, 2019 5:10 pm


Just as an explanation of the Turbo USB control, although I don't know in detail what this does at the hardware level, the effect of turning it up is to try to push the USB system closer and closer to its performance limits. Depending on the speed of the computer, the USB chipset and the cabling at some point this quest for speed becomes too much and the communication with the camera temporarily breaks down, leading to dropped frames or other issues.

This implies that there is some optimum value (different for each computer and camera combination) which will give you the highest performance. However setting a value above the optimum for your combination of computer cabling and camera leads to the sort of problems being described. For ZWO cameras the auto setting for this control usually works fairly well.

Cheers, Robin

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