Is the QHY patch for SharpCap necessary?
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Re: Is the QHY patch for SharpCap necessary?

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I recently installed the latest version of Sharpcap pro... When I start it and connect to my qhy 224c, I get a message that my driver is too far back... I have the latest version installed, and when I check, windows shows the latest... I have tried to install the driver over again, but I get the same result from SharpCap that the wrong driver is now installed... I launched TheSkyX and it reports the same back level driver...


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Re: Is the QHY patch for SharpCap necessary?

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Hi Rob,

That's odd, since my 178C which uses basically the same driver is fine once the driver is updated - the driver is from this page

here is the direct link ...

If that still doesn't work for you then you would be best off asking QHY on their forums as the message you are seeing comes from their code and I don't really know the exact conditions that cause it to pop up.



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