QHY5P-11-m problems

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QHY5P-11-m problems

Post by KeithT » Fri May 24, 2019 11:03 am

Hi - I have previously used this camera with Sharpcap on an old windows7 computer with reasonable results.

Now I've switched to a Windows 10 Dell and it's virtually stopped functioning. I've installed all the latest drivers and I'm using Sharpcap pro. The camera registers and has a couple of times achieved 9 fps, which then drops right down to 0.1 FPS which is hopeless - cannot even focus the sun.
Just tried again and it was running at 1.9FPS - took it outside and put it into the scope - it was down to 0 FPS!
Anyone had similar or can suggest any reasons/fixes?
Thanks in advance

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Re: QHY5P-11-m problems

Post by admin » Fri May 24, 2019 3:15 pm


The first thing I'd suggest is to update if you haven't already to the very later SharpCap 3.2 .6028 and try that. It may also be worth trying 3.2 .6020, which has a slightly older version of the qhy SDK and it. Qhy have admitted that the latest version has a few new bugs that they need to iron out which is why I suggest perhaps going back to the previous version to test.

The second thing is to follow through the USB troubleshooting steps that you will find in a link at the top of the bug reports forum. Low frame rates can often be caused by incorrect settings of the USB speed/Turbo USB controls all poor or overlong USB cables.

Hope this helps, Robin

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