SV305 ASCOM Driver Freezing Sharpcap

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SV305 ASCOM Driver Freezing Sharpcap

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Was exited to see an ascom driver for SV305 pro. Tried it with Sharpcap but freezing sharpcap whenever exposure is to be adjusted.

In APT I can get the image from the camera using the driver with no problem. Ran an ascom conformance tester and it comes up with 3 errors on the driver.

Has anybody tried this driver with sharpcap too? Maybe it works fine with SV305 pro.
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Re: SV305 ASCOM Driver Freezing Sharpcap

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recent versions of SharpCap have built-in support for the SVB cameras (305, 305Pro), which mean you shouldn't need to use the Ascom driver.

There is also a possibility that there may be a clash between two different version of the SVB camera DLL - SharpCap has its version and may be the Ascom driver has a different version. It's very likely that SharpCap's version will get loaded which might upset the Ascom driver. There's not a great deal that can be done about this problem at the moment.

Cheers, Robin
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