Orion G3 error connecting to SC3.2

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Orion G3 error connecting to SC3.2

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G3 Sharpcap error.jpg
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I get this error trying to attach my G3 to Sharpcap 3.2(64bit)

I have used the Orion Camera application which works fine, but Sharpcap keep coming up with this error when I try to connect the G3...

Any Ideas?

I downloaded the Orion Cam Studio from https://www.telescope.com/Orion-StarSho ... 101501.uts
Which also installs the G3/G4 Ascom drivers so not sure what I might need to do.
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Re: Orion G3 error connecting to SC3.2

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that particular error message usually means that the Ascom driver is somehow not quite installed properly, meaning that SharpCap can't even create a copy of the driver to talk to the camera. I'd normally recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the Ascom driver which I hope would fix the problem. Sometimes people have had to uninstall and reinstall the Ascom platform too.

One other thing that might be worth trying is the 64 bit version of SharpCap – if the developer of the Ascom driver has made a mistake they might've installed the 64 bit version correctly but not the 32 bit version.

Cheers, Robin
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