Atik 490ex colour space

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Atik 490ex colour space

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I have the Atik 460ex color and the Atik 490ex color.
I am using SharpCap 3.2 Pro latest release (3.2.6038)
My OS is Windows 10 Pro, latest release.
When I connect either camera, the Color Space only shows MONO16. I don't see any other option.
Why not? My QHY128C shows an RGB option for Color Space.
Yet, when I set Debayer Preview to Force RGGB and take a dark image of 10s, I see colored dots for hot pixels.
So should I just ignore that Color Space is MONO16?
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Re: Atik 490ex colour space

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What is going on is that SharpCap is asking the Atik Ascom driver what type of sensor the camera has and the Ascom driver is responding that it has a monochrome sensor. That's why you see only the option for the monochrome colour space. However the problem of Ascom driver is not correctly reporting the type of sensor on the cameras when I run into before, which is why there's the option to force debayering even if the sensor is reported as monochrome.

So, you are onto the right track in that you should leave the colour space obviously as monochrome and set the debayering option to one of the 'Force XXXX' choices. If you don't know the correct colour space for your camera then the easiest way to find it out is to uncover the sensor and shine red light onto it from a red torch or pointed at something red and then flip through the options until you get a red image.

Cheers, Robin
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