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jmrp wrote: Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:38 pm I wanted to give you an update on my progress - I now have successfully used ASCOM.DSLR.Camera for both
my Canon RebelXS and Canon 70D - previously only the Canon RebelXS and not the Canon 70D connected
properly - I was able to modify your last GitHub installment (2018) with only a few small changes after
reviewing code from the FearL0rd GitHub version as a guide line - I was able to extract only a few
lines of code from the FearL0rd version to make your version work well

Now I would like to address the issue of continuous image captures when using ASCOM.DSLR.Camera
in Sharpcap - while both cameras now work well with SharpCap this is not an ideal setup - I am
looking at alternative Canon methods - "Canon EOS Utility" and "EOS Camera Movie Record" - I am
asking if it would be possible to use these apps in SharpCap - specifically would the LiveView
option "real time" display that I see in these apps be used in a SharpCap video display?

Recently there is also "EOS Webcam Utilty Beta" available - I have installed this app and see
that it does show in the "Camera" pull down menu - however I get this SharpCap error message:

"This camera does not provide Control over resolution and color space. It cannot be used in this
version of SharpCap"

can you provide me with any suggestions on how I could proceed
We working in a good live view implementation and shut with mirror up using an external shutter
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I'm the only one that's got a external shutter cable, so I'm making some slow progress on the mirror lockup stuff.

I'm planning on having a setting that will lockup the mirror when the driver is initialized, but I haven't gotten quite that far yet.

Nice to hear that in some future releases, Sharpcap will allow a "not continuous" shooting mode too!
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this is the video of Canon LV working with sharpcap

details how to use in wiki page and discord channel
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