Park error

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Park error


Post by rocketdmc »

I'm running EQMOD with my Skywatcher Star Adventurer GTi mount. It works correctly when I park the mount using EQMOD application it goes to the home position with DEC at 90.

When I park the mount using SharpCap the mount goes to DEC of -74.

The date, time and location settings are correct in all programs and the LST in EQMOD is correct.

Any ideas what is going on?


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Re: Park error


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Hi Dave,

if GOTO movements work correctly then it would seem that the mount knows its own position properly (anyway, the correct park from EQMOD suggests that is the case). ASCOM parking is pretty simple - SharpCap doesn't get to request a position to goto, just sends a 'Park' command to the ASCOM driver, so it must be something in the EQMOD settings/configuration somewhere (either visible in the settings or invisible).

I would check the Park/Unpark settings in EQMOD - should be set to 'Park to home position'. If that is already set to that then there is other thing I can think of...

ASCOM provides a way to set the park position to the current mount position. It's possible that EQMOD may store that position separately from its normal list of park positions and that position may need to be re-set. Unfortunately there is no button to press in SharpCap to do this, but it can be done using SharpCap's scripting console.

Here's what to do...

* Run SharpCap, open camera, connect to mount
* Make sure the mount is in the home position by park from EQMOD then unpark (but do not move)
* Go to the SharpCap 'Scripting' menu, choose 'Show Console'
* In the script console enter this command and press <RETURN>

Code: Select all

Once you have done that, give parking using SharpCap another try to see if it helped.


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Re: Park error


Post by rocketdmc »

Thanks Robin, that’s what looks like happening.

I ran NINA (which I don’t use) but it has a button to set the park position. I but the mount at home position, pressed the set par button. This must set the park position in a config location, which is independent from the park at home button in EQMOD.

Once I did this SharpCap (and CDC) both go to the home position when the park button is selected

Everything seems good to go! Thanks.
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