SharpCap Account Compromised ?

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SharpCap Account Compromised ?

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I got an alert from my phone and my browser too saying my sharpcap account was compromised and found in dark site. This is along with few other websites. Asked me to go to each website and change the password. Can someone tell was there a breach in Sharpcap accounts? This is a not a spam text or email we are talking here. This is a feature in iPhone "Detect Compromised password". Please let me know was there any breach in Sharpcap forum accounts.

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Re: SharpCap Account Compromised ?

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Sathya, ... ification/

They say:
Compromised Password Reasons
In iOS 14 Safari will also recommend you to change your Password for an account in the following scenarios:

Passkeys that you use multiple times. These will be labeled as Reused Passwords, whenver you use the same or a similar passcode for two or more account.
Log-in details that use common words, because they’re easier to guess.
Passwords that are common and used often by other accounts.
Tip: To find other passwords that represent a potential thread please browse for Settings -> Passwords -> Security Recommendations and go through the list.
To the best of my knowledge, the warning simply means that you need to improve the quality of your passwords. For example, "password" is not secure. It is a common mistake that many people make, and it is one of the first guesses that hackers make.

I recommend the following:
1. Create a unique password for every online account.
2. Choose a password that is at least 15 characters long.
3. Include lower and uppercase alphabetic characters (a-z, A-Z)
4. Include numbers (0-9)
5. Include symbols like $^@)*;[ etc.
6. Make it completely random.
7. Write down the password on a sheet of paper and keep it secure

For example, I consider this to be a secure password: AogVIigu4&XJ@Mu

Again, I don't think that iOS is saying that SharpCap was hacked or compromised. It's just saying that the password you are using for SharpCap is in common usage among hackers.

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Re: SharpCap Account Compromised ?

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I'm not aware of any compromise, and I suspect that Brian is right that this is just flagging up the fact that the password you have used for the forums has been found in hacker lists (but not in lists associated with sharpcap forums).

A good resource for finding out if your account details have been leaked from somwhere is the 'HaveIBeenPwned' web site - - just enter your email address and it will tell you about places that your login details have been leaked from.

I should note that unless your password is really easily guessable then it's close to impossible for us here to crack it from the data stored in the forums - the forums do not store your password itself, instead they store a secure cryptographic hash of it, using widely recommended crypto functions and a unique 'salt' per user. That's why we can reset your password for you, but cannot remind you what it is.


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