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Qhy485c processing notes

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:05 pm
by GSBass
So this is a 4K chip, it runs approx 44fps, I have a i7 with 16gigs of ram and have configured sharpcap to use about half of that which is the max sharpcap allows. This camera creates so much data that it does fill your memory up. I was taking daytime infrared of the moon yesterday and 1800 frames appears to be the max before frame rates drop by half and dropped frames go crazy. that is still good for some lucky imaging but something to be aware of, it’s directly tied to memory allocation, if I could bump it up to 12 gig instead of eight I would be probably around 2400 frames with this camera. One instance where it would be nice to have more ram, unfortunately mine is soldered so I’m stuck at 16gig