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No image appears

Post by stpal001 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:07 pm

I apologize if this is trivial but I cannot find it elsewhere in the forum.
I have installed the software with my QHY5III and everything appears to be nominal.
When I start the software I can see the camera responding to light; for example, when I point it at the computer screen.
But when I put the camera into a scope, even with a nice bright scene, I see nothing but a black screen.
How do I troubleshoot this issue?

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Re: No image appears

Post by admin » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:53 pm


From your description I guess you are looking at a daytime scene with the camera in the telescope. That's certainly a good starting point especially if you can point the telescope at something distant enough to focus on (maybe 500 m away or so).

My first suggestions would be turn up the exposure to see if that brings out any image as you might need a considerably longer exposure with the camera on the telescope then you would with the camera sensor exposed to light with no lenses. You can also try shining a flashlight Daniel telescope to check that that brightens the image in the same way that you've tested that the camera responds to light.

Once you've convinced yourself that the cameras responded to light in the telescope and start working on focusing and getting an actual image. From first light in astronomy I'd always recommend using the moon as it's nice and bright and therefore can be seen even if it is very badly out of focus or not quite in the field of view.

Cheers, Robin

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