SharpCap 3.1 Beta now available

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SharpCap 3.1 Beta now available

Post by admin » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:03 pm

Some of you have noticed already, but here's the official announcement that the SharpCap 3.1 Beta is now available. You can find beta builds here: ... a-versions

I am currently updating the beta build frequently (every few days) and will also be pushing new builds to existing beta users via auto-update fairly frequently. If you haven't tried the beta yet then please download and have a play with some of the new features, including :

* Smart Histogram and Sensor Analysis - a new objective way to choose the right settings for your camera for deep sky astrophotography. More on this soon...
* Seeing Monitor with auto-capture and filtered capture - only capture the best frames for solar/planetary/lunar imaging
* Feature Tracking - follow solar/lunar features using the guiding capabilities of your camera or mount
* SharpCap Max Memory - use more memory for caching high speed video on your 64 bit windows system
* Starlight Xpress camera support
* Filename templates for ultimate flexibility in file naming

Remember that installing the 3.1 beta will *not* uninstall SharpCap 3.0, so if you find a bug in the beta build then you can always quickly switch back to SharpCap 3.0. Also please send bug reports if you manage to break something. If something goes wrong and there is no opportunity to send the bug report from within SharpCap then please post a bug report here on the forums.



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