ZWO, can I use two filter wheels on SC.

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John Whitehead
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ZWO, can I use two filter wheels on SC.

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is there a way I can use two ZWO filter wheels, one is a eight position the other a five position.
I find that this would be a great help when trying to select a second filter to place over the first.
Thanks John.
PS. I think Sharpcap to be the most useful application I have come across.
I have been using it since it first popped up.
My first CCD camera was a home modified Philips.
Ive been doing astronomy for 68 years.
seen a lot of advancements.
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Re: ZWO, can I use two filter wheels on SC.

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SharpCap can only control one filter wheel at the time, so I think the only way to do this would be to control one using SharpCap and the other using another piece of software.

The first camera that SharpCap supported beyond simple WebCams was the modified Philips SPC 900 – about 10 years ago they were quite difficult to get hold of here and people were paying silly money for them and then a guy who ran another forum managed to buy a whole batch of them – I believe from a failed Polish interactive TV company. Suddenly there were SPC 900 cameras everywhere!

Glad you enjoy using SharpCap :-)

Cheers, Robin
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