SharpCap 3.0.3994 Now Available

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SharpCap 3.0.3994 Now Available

Post by admin » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:47 pm

I have made a new build of SharpCap 3.0 available - SharpCap 3.0.3994.

This build contains a number of small bug fixes (about 8-10 of them). Also I have made some changes to bug reporting to try to help me get a better view of which bugs are happening most often and which are comparatively rare. In particular,

* You can no longer automatically submit a bug if you use a ZWO, QHY, Altair, Basler or any other directly supported camera via an ASCOM or DirectShow driver. If you are using one of these cameras SharpCap already suggests that you should not use the ASCOM or DirectShow drivers. I don't want to take away the possibility to use these cameras via ASCOM or DirectShow if you really want to, but I also don't want to be wading through bug reports caused by the use of those drivers.

* When a bug report is uploaded the new version categorizes it more sensibly, which helps me track where problems are occurring. I have been tinkering with the categorization throughout 3.0 and am now getting closer to a bug categorization that works.

Anyway, please feel free to download and use - auto-update for existing 3.0 users will happen in a few days.



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