Antivirus false positives for SharpCap

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Antivirus false positives for SharpCap

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Unfortunately there have been a number of cases recently where various anti-virus software has incorrectly detected viruses in SharpCap, it's installer or even it's uninstaller...

This sadly seems to be a fact of life for software at the moment - there are a large number of anti virus products available and they sometimes make mistakes. When you combine that with the relatively frequent release cycle of SharpCap the odd false positive seems likely to turn up.

Every SharpCap version that is made available is tested using the website 'VirusTotal' which runs the file through 60+ anti-virus engines. The link to the virus total report is just a couple of lines below the download link. You'll also find two different hashes of the installer file between the two links which you can use to check that the download has not been tampered with.

If your anti-virus does report a problem with SharpCap, it's installer or it's website, please report the problem here and remember that it's very likely that the report is a false positive.


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