AllSky camera related improvements

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AllSky camera related improvements

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If you are considering setting up an all sky camera, or some other use of SharpCap that doesn't require post-processing, then you may be interested in some new features in 3.2.6248:
  • WMV compressed video as a new output format - this produces much smaller output files, although at the expense of some loss of quality due to the compression. Currently this output format is only available for cameras running in RGB24, RGB32 or MONO8 modes.
  • Improved auto exposure and new auto gain support for Altair cameras. When in auto-exposure mode the exposure value shown in the controls will be regularly updated with the current auto exposure value. Auto gain only activates when auto exposure is already on - You can specify a maximum gain to use and the camera will typically try changing the gain before changing the exposure time when this is enabled.
An example video is below.


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