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Hi everyone, I am brand new to astrophotography so please excuse my ignorance. I bought a Altair 294c hypercam to go on my Altair Starwave 152mm refractor. I have had the chance to use it twice but with very poor results on the Andromida galaxy and the orion nebula. My images always come out black and white even though it's a colour camera, I have tried to debayer in Deep Sky Stacker to no avail, (I did get colour in registax 6 for the orion nebula) any suggestions on settings would be much appreciated.
I've been using the following settings
Colour Space RAW14 (I don't have RAW16 option with my Camera)
Binning 1x1
Capture area 4128x2808
Output Format FITS
Debayer Preview On
Gain 400
Black Level 3
Thanks in advance
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Re: Settings

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Hi Nigel,

the Andromeda Galaxy isn't a particularly colourful target in the first place – certainly nowhere near as colourful as the Orion nebula.

For the specifics of how to set up DSS to debayering images, see this thread : viewtopic.php?t=911 . Note that according to one of the posters there, DSS will only debayer FITS files in this way, not PNG or TIFF. If you have those files then you could try using PIPP to debayer them.

For a more thorough walk-through of getting your images back into colour, see this thread : viewtopic.php?t=254

Cheers, Robin
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