Altair 1600M Sensor Analysis won't complete

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Altair 1600M Sensor Analysis won't complete

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Hi, I've tried dozens of times to do sensor analysis on an Altair 1600M Pro Tec Cooled and I cannot get it to complete. It completes the first two steps without a problem and then goes haywire on gain analysis.

My setup is a Spike-a-flat panel directly on top of the sensor. I run the first step at just enough brightness so 15ms exposures get to ~1/3 of the histogram. At gain analysis exposures start taking longer and longer until it terminates because it took more than 10 seconds. I've even tried to max out the panel brightness before gain analysis such that 0.19ms exposures get 1/3rd of the histogram and I still get the same end result.

I'm using version 3.2.6137.0 - 11/18/2019. I have no problems doing this with my ZWO ASI 294MC Pro Tec Cooled.

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Re: Altair 1600M Sensor Analysis won't complete

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Are you seeing the same problems as those shown in the video on this thread where the camera seems to give a black image after you have uncovered the sensor when it should not? viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2580&p=13384#p13384

Cheers, Robin
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