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Re: 183C live stacking issue

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:56 pm
by Lokifish
Sorry I missed your response.

I monitored the USB issue using a raw packet monitor. When it freezes, it shows no data coming from the camera at all, even while other devices connected to the same hub are still passing data. It even fails to respond to basic device ID query. The fan and light on the camera will also remain active when freezes. It's not just SharpCap this happens with, but also APT, Altair Capture, etc.. I even tested it with multiple powered hubs and extensions, as well as direct connection. Even tested it using cable/hub/extension borrowed from a follow AP'er with a working 183 rig. Same problem.

On the color gradient issue. Now I'm being told that the green/magenta gradient is not a software or DSS setting issue but is completely normal for the camera. That I should treat every target as if there's significant gradient caused by LP/sky glow on top of whatever LP/sky glow gradients that may be present.