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All Sky Plate Solver Installation Tip

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:35 pm
by poolemarkw
I just found an issue with installing All Sky Plate Solver that could be beneficial to others.

On my PC I have a separate ADMIN account with full privileges to install software. It is only used to do software installations and administrative tasks. Otherwise I have a User account that I use all the time, and if I want to install software, I have to provide the ADMIN account password (or log in as the ADMIN) to do that. This does NOT work when installing the All Sky Plate Solver. It would install and be executable by the ADMIN account, but then would NOT execute for the USER account. The solution was to:

1) Log in as the ADMIN
2) Use the Windows Security window to elevate the USER to have administrative privileges.
3) Log in as the USER
4) Install the All Sky Plate Solver
5) Log in as the ADMIN and demote the USER back to the non-Admin privileges

Now it works perfectly from the USER account! This took me two days to figure out.