Save Individual Frames as FITS

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Save Individual Frames as FITS

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Good day Guys

1. I use the ASI1600 MCC and if I use the option LiveStack all the files which are saved with "Save Individual Frames" are in .png. Is it possible to setting
it up to save it in .fits?

2. Does Sharpcap save all files when I checked the box "Save Individual Frames" or just the files which are used for stacking? Because I dont need the
Frames which are sorted out with the FWHM Filter

greetz from Germany and sorry about my bad English.
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Re: Save Individual Frames as FITS

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Under settings, there is an option to save images as FITS as well as save video files as SER or AVI. Select which options you want and then apply and restart.
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Re: Save Individual Frames as FITS

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yes, set the preferred format and you should get FITS -

All frames are saved, as documented here - ... 0Interface


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