Sensor Analysis Gain Range and Steps

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Sensor Analysis Gain Range and Steps

Post by eseavey » Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:20 pm

I recently bought a new camera for astrophotography, and immediately did my sensor analysis. I have noticed that Sharpcap devides the gain range into 6 steps. Yet, someone posted their sensor analysis on cloudynights, and I saw his gain range was divided into 14 steps. Is there a setting where I can set how many steps the gain range is divided into?
The main reason I am asking is that I just bought the QHY168C and Sharpcap divided the gain range of 1 to 100 into 6 steps. What I am really interested in is the gain range between 1 and 20, divided into about 10 steps.


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Re: Sensor Analysis Gain Range and Steps

Post by admin » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:33 pm


SharpCap tries to divide the total gain range into a reasonable number of steps (between about 5 and 12), the exact number depending on the size of the gain range and other things like the make of camera being used. There is a trade-off here because adding more steps to the gain measurement will make the sensor analysis slower and this can be considerably slower on some cameras with low maximum frame rates. There is currently no way for the user to influence the number of steps that the sensor analysis performs.

Unless your camera switches between HCG and LCG modes at some particular gain setting (which leads to a step change in the read noise at that point) then the 2 graphs that SharpCap produces are usually smooth curves so there isn't much to be gained by taking a very large number of measurement points.

Cheers, Robin

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