Keeping a Planet Aligned while Imaging

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Keeping a Planet Aligned while Imaging

Post by sandconp »

Is there a way to keep a planet 'centered' while taking a video with Sharpcap Pro? I find myself doing small nudges to keep the planet centered before it rolls off of the imaging window.

I know that Firecap has an option 'Align Box' option that keeps it centered.
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Re: Keeping a Planet Aligned while Imaging

Post by Silent-Shrill »

Polar alignment needs to be correct. Then use st4 or any tracking program to track a nearby star. You will need a finder-scope with a ccd camera hooked up to your pc. Use that as your tracker, and the planet should remain where you want it on the screen. I am assuming you have a goto system. If you have no tracking equipment, then get the polar alignment pretty good.
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Re: Keeping a Planet Aligned while Imaging

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SharpCap 4.0 has two ways that might work to do this

1) Planet/disk stabilization. Keep your camera at full resolution and it moves the planet into the centre of each frame by offsetting the image. See!2!Pre-processing

2) Feature tracking in Camera ROI/Centre of Mass mode - see

be glad to hear any feedback on whether these meet your needs and/or which works best.


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