Regarding the Live stacking and Hypercam

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Regarding the Live stacking and Hypercam

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I'm student at George Mason working on Hyper spectral imaging and recently started to use the Sharp cap software, I'm having few doubts regarding the software and Hypercam 183c,
1. Are the stacked images same as Hypercube? (Does stacked images mean Hypercube or is it something different from hypercube?)
2. Live stacking is a feature that enables the capture of deep sky images within SharpCap without the traditional requirements of a high accuracy, guided, equatorial mount and long sub-frame exposures, so can the live stacking be also used for capturing the images of an object in a room located at a very close distance to the Hypercam?

Thank you
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Re: Regarding the Live stacking and Hypercam

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I would guess that the answer on the hypercube is 'no', although I don't really understand the question. I certainly didn't design it to be anything to do with hypercubes, so it would be quite a coincidence if it was :)

Stacking adds up multiple images to increase the signal/noise ratio. For astro imaging, star patterns are used to align each image with the existing stack of images to account for drift and rotation. Star pattern alignment is obviously not going to work for non-astro imaging, so the answer to your question depends on whether you are imaging a static field of view or if things are moving. If you are imaging a static field and just want to increase the S/NR, turn off the 'align frames' option in the live stacking and it will happily stack frames of anything that you like. If the camera or the objects you are imaging are moving then this will not work (you will get a blurry mess).

Hope this helps,

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