Unable to obtain image

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Unable to obtain image

Post by Halfstar » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:32 pm

We just purchased a ZWO ASI290, and a new Dell laptop, downloaded the Sharpcap software and drivers for the camera
When we open up Sharpcap and select the camera, adjust the gain, we can not get an image, have looked at the manual and can not figure out what to do. We are new to Astrophotgraphy
Is there a video tutorial for beginners learning how to use Sharpcap

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Re: Unable to obtain image

Post by admin » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:21 am


the (slightly old now) SharpCap 2.9 user manual is a good place to start - the basics haven't changed even if versions 3.0 and 3.1 have added new features - https://docs.sharpcap.co.uk/2.9/

The big question to help work out your problem is:

* Is the frame count increasing in the bottom left corner when you run the camera?

If it is then your problems with a blank screen are probably down to incorrect settings (gain/exposure) or needing more illumination
If it isn't then look at the USB troubleshooting link in the bugs section of the forums.



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Re: Unable to obtain image

Post by localhost » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:10 pm

Are you using a telescope with the ZWO Camera or are you just using the Fish eye lens to do sky captures without a telescope.
If you're using a telescope what kinda telescope is it?
And are you sure the telescope is in focus with the camera?

a Out of focus camera will not show up correctly the ZWO camera you have you'd need to use a 12.5mm eyepiece to match the same magnification that the camera is, that way when you switch from eyepiece to the camera the object should be within the field of view depending on how good the alignment was.

Bad alignment can make the same problem my advice to you is, use the fisheye lens that came with the camera and focus the fish eye lens inside or at some object and see if you're able to see whatever it is you're aiming the camera at.

If you see the object on the Sharpcap screen then the camera is working with Sharpcap, It a matter of finding the right Exposure and gain settings for your sky conditions.
Now if you're using a telescope and you're not able to see anything on the Sharpcap screen likely problem is..

Telescope is out of focus
Object is not in the field of view because of bad alignment
Exposure / Gain are not right.
Or could be a combination of all 3
If you're using a Newtonian might be the camera sensor is too far away from the mirror and that is a problem, the Dobsonian telescopes have as well.

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