Moving ROI to keep frame rate high.

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Moving ROI to keep frame rate high.

Post by chongo228 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:15 am

Little trick I found by mistake.....

I can't polar align in my backyard due to trees. For quick planet shots It isn't worth the hassle of a drift alignment. I guess at the north star, do a two star alignment and slew to a planet. A poor alignment stops me from using smaller ROI to increase frame rate as the target would drift out of the small ROI in 20 to 30 seconds. I simply watch which way the target is floating across the FOV. Lets say it goes from top left to bottom right, I slew the scope to so the target is in the top left, adjust to a smaller ROI for increased frame rate, as the target drifts toward the edge of the smaller roi I just drag the active area of the chip around to keep the target in the center (Under camera controls on the right side of the screen the size of the whole chip is displayed and the size of the ROI you have selected is shown on top. Drag the active part around during a AVI video and SharpCap doesn't skip or anything. You can't tell when watching the AVI video. I've done this with my ASI174mc and ASI120mc-s. I don't know if every camera can do it.......but it works for these.

See post number 45 on page 2 in the link below and I talk about it a little more. ... ide/page-2

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