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Using the manual filter wheel option as filter categorization for color cameras

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 4:13 pm
by Menno555
Here a tip to categorize FITS captures with a color camera so that it includes the used filter without an actual filter wheel.

I have a color camera and filters like the Optolongs, Baader, IR-Pass, etc. But I lost track each time in my older captures of what filter I used.
I don't have a filter wheel but by using the filter wheel option in SharpCap, the used filter is now stored in the FITS header and in DeepSkyStacker (in my case) it now shows the used filter without me having to search what I used for that capture.

To do this, go to the SharpCap settings and to the Hardware tab.
In there, select Manual Filter Wheel and click Properties.
Give your filters a name and Apply.
Now when running SharpCap, you see a filter wheel part on the right side. Check the Connect box and highlight the filter you are using. There of course is no real connection because there is no physical filter wheel but SharpCap is just happy with it. Now the filter name is saved with each FITS capture you make.
I have done this only with FITS files, so I'm not sure if this will also work for SER, PNG or other formats.


Screenshot of manual filter wheel settings and use
Screenshot of manual filter wheel settings and use
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