IEQ45 Pro Mount - ASCOM Driver Does No Connect

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IEQ45 Pro Mount - ASCOM Driver Does No Connect

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I'm running on 64-bit WIndows with the latest version of SharpCAP. I've installed the latest iOptron ASCOM driver 5.74.1 which works fine for controlling the mount under Stellarium.

When I try to connect the telescope mount from SharpCAP, I get the error message "An error occurred while trying to show the properties for your iOptron ASCOM Driver for Mount". I have tried to debug w/o success.

The SharpCAP log file is attached.
This log file shows the error.
(27.74 KiB) Downloaded 67 times
Your help is much appreciated.
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Re: IEQ45 Pro Mount - ASCOM Driver Does No Connect

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The log file shows that the first error being encountered relates to a missing file, so I would suggest that it might be worth uninstalling and then reinstalling the Ascom driver as that would tend to help if some of the files haven't been copied or registered correctly. You are also using a slightly older version of SharpCap so it may be worthwhile going to the downloads page and getting the very latest version.

Cheers, Robin
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