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Live Stack keep Individual Frames not Stacked

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:56 pm
by BlackWikkett
While Imaging I usually use Live Stack feature and save individual frames. I later stack the individual frames outside of SharpCap for further processing. While previewing 3.2 beta I noticed that frames that didn't stack due to alignment or star count etc... didn't save. Is it possible to add the feature to save all frames while live stacking regardless if the frame was stacked out not.


Re: Live Stack keep Individual Frames not Stacked

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:52 pm
by admin

I've seen a few requests like this over the last few months (this was the first thread I found on the subject, but I think there are others).

I was having a look in this area of code today for another reason and I realise that the reason that only the stack frames are saved because of the way the filenames are generated. By default the filename for raw frames being saved from a life stack contains the '{StackedFrames}' tag. This only gets updated when a new frame is added to the stack (not when a frame is ignored for one reason or another). The net effect of this is that if a frame is ignored from the live stacking then it does get saved but the filename for the next raw frames stays the same so the ignored frame gets overwritten (possibly repeatedly) enter the frame that is added to the stack comes along. The net effect of this is that only the frames that get added to the stack saved and kept, but it happens in rather an odd way that surprised even me!

What I have done in the very latest version of SharpCap is to make sure that the '{Index}' tag is updated correctly for the raw frames being saved from live stacking. That means that if you go into the filename settings and change the template for the raw live stack frames from using the StackedFrames tag to using the Index tag, you should find that you get every single frame saved while live stacking regardless of whether it is used in the stack or not.

This is perhaps the most obvious way to achieve the goal here, but it was a nice and easy change to make while I was in that area of the code without any significant risk of anything else being broken.

Cheers, Robin