API for PA

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API for PA

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Hi Robin,
Is there any way to get the ALT/AZ offsets from SharpCap in realtime? I am thinking about trying to implement an automatic PA routine on my mount. If Sharpcap could make the offsets available to my mount control app, it could adjust the mount accordingly…
Maybe a socket based (REST?) would work. Or maybe it could be included in the Python interface? I’d need to be able to start PA, get states (so i can rotate RA when needed) and ALT/AZ offset after successful solve.
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Re: API for PA

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making this available via the Python scripting is probably the best idea - that's nice and simple from my side and this seems like a fairly niche (but rather cool) thing :)

Right now getting sc4.0 out the door is my priority, but I will jot this down on the features todo list.


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