Advanced Spiral

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Advanced Spiral

Post by SteveInNZ »

Would it be possible to enhance the functionality of the spiral search ?

Plate solving is fine for DSO's, star fields, etc but falls down for finding planets where you are likely to be imaging with a small sensor at long focal lengths.
A few things come to mind.
1) How is the step size of the spiral defined ? Would it be possible to specify it so that each step is a frame width ? Currently, I suspect that it is quite a bit larger than the FoV and we completely miss seeing the object go past.

2) It would be really helpful if you could "wind back" a search at a slower speed. At the moment you set a low speed and it takes forever or you set a high speed and see the planet see the object zoom past. It would be great if you could stop the search when you see the object and go back along the same path to get back to where the object was seen.

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Re: Advanced Spiral

Post by chongo228 »

Those are good ideas....I really like the rewind button idea. I 2nd this suggestion.
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Re: Advanced Spiral

Post by admin »


thanks for the suggestions – in particular the rewind idea has the two advantages of (a) sounding like it will work nicely and (b) being moderately easy to implement :)

Onto the to-do list it goes… (Unfortunately it's a long list at the moment though!)

Cheers, Robin
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Re: Advanced Spiral

Post by remyastro »

Big +1 for spiral rewind!

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