Memory slider auto-adjustment

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Memory slider auto-adjustment

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This might not be possible because SC has to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Can you have a selection box to enable auto adjustment of the memory sliders? When FITs or other formats used for DSOs are selected it would auto shift for live stacking. If I select AVI or SER it would shift to the high speed frame rate setting. I always forget to adjust this setting when I switch from one to another.
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Re: Memory slider auto-adjustment

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I agree that it would be easier from the user point of view, however it's annoyingly tricky from my side to try and change that in the way that you describe :( In the end I would like to merge the two pools of memory, so there is just one memory slider which controls how much SharpCap will use and it will get allocated to the right category automatically – unfortunately this is also quite tricky to get right.

Cheers, Robin
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