Live stack post-processing

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Live stack post-processing

Post by calan »

The histogram is nice (and this may be limited by processor power), but how about another tab on the live stack with some post-processing tools for the "as viewed" image? I'm thinking:

1). Color balance. Simple RGB sliders to correct color balance independently of the camera settings.
2). Automatic noise reduction. Not sure how this would work, but have seen it in other programs.
3). Sharpness adjustment
4). De-ringing. Get rid of the fuzziness around stars.
5). Saturation adjustment

For bonus points... allow all settings to be saved and loaded as a profile.
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Re: Live stack post-processing

Post by admin »

Thanks for the suggestions - I am going to put a forum announcement in this area that '+1's are welcome to indicate support for particular features and that those getting the most user support will get the most consideration for development.


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Re: Live stack post-processing

Post by ChrisFC »

+1 on rgb adjustment of stack. Maybe even rgb histogram adjustment
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Re: Live stack post-processing

Post by cuivenion »

+1 to those suggestions. Don't know how easy it'd be to implement though.
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