Zoom and selected area

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Zoom and selected area

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Cameras have more and more pixels.
The "Auto" selection of zoom works well but when we zoom to 100% it should be great if the zoom should
point directly to the selected area to avoid playing with the cursors "and gloves in winter..." to find the small selected area lost somewhere in the XX megapixels of the big new cameras! :lol: .
What do you think about this suggestion :ugeek: ?
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Re: Zoom and selected area

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The way that zooming works is quite carefully set up to try to keep the centre of view the same as you zoom in and out (at least once you pass the point where the image fills the whole available area). This is important because it feels natural to people used to paint applications etc. perhaps an alternative would be to have some sort of tool or button that would place the selection area in view.

Cheers, Robin
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