Capture darks batch creation

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Capture darks batch creation

Post by JimsShed » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:23 am

I'd like to request a feature in the "Capture Dark" dialog that enables you to create multiple sets of darks in the one process.
I find that when doing EAA on various targets in the one night that I often use different exposure lengths. For me it's typically 4s, 8s, 15s, and 30s.

I imagine specifying a list of exposure lengths on a new step somewhere between steps 2 and 4 of the dialog, clicking [Start], then off it goes and creates each dark file in turn.
This would save a lot of setup time as I've noticed that better results are achieved if I redo darks at each session, especially so if I'm using a non-cooled camera.


PS: As an alternative, if there's already a way to do this using a script, then please let me know.

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