Request to save all frames with native sensor orientation

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Request to save all frames with native sensor orientation

Post by celkins » Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:26 am

This has been mentioned in passing, Robin, but I'll start a thread here as a reminder.

It would be nice, IMHO, to have all frames saved to disc with native sensor orientation, and only have the flip settings apply to screen display.
This would be applied to all frame types; light, dark, flat.

I appreciate that this would require some to rebuild dark libraries, where these have been created with flipped orientations, but I'm sure people can see that this is logical, particularly as the flip orientation is not stored with the frames...
This should make it easier when moving data into other software for manipulation, too, since it removes the possibility of applying incorrectly oriented pre-processing frames to your lights.

Thanks, hope you're on the mend?


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Re: Request to save all frames with native sensor orientation

Post by admin » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:46 pm


While I agree that the flip controls built in by several manufacturers probably do more harm than good, there will be people out there who use them to good effect as part of their workflow, so I'm very reluctant to remove them at this stage. If I get some time to implement the display flip idea that you are mentioning then maybe it be good to have an option in the settings to either show the display flip controls or the native camera flip controls with the default set to the display flip.

Cheers, Robin

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