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CPWI celestron focuser

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:04 pm
by mega256
Can we get the CPWI pgm to work with the new celestron motor focuser, rather than just usb ports. Like the mount CWIP interface.
Iv got most all working well with sharpcap, but the focuser.. Im using a evolution WI FI mount connection working great.
CPWI 2.1.25 beta 1
EAZY-PEAZY II project begins.
Using celestrons/plane waves CPWI planetarium software and Sharpcap.........
The first basic wi-fi setup works! Using the evolution mount,ZWO cameras,Rasa8-with motor focuser are all playing nice beta test software from Team Celestron.) This is truly a plop and go portable setup...Using the star sense for plate solving the CPWI software will make models of the sky very nicley.Im waitting for a few more parts to be deliverd,,The WI-FI system is working well, but because I need a USB3 connection to the ccmera, I will use 1 usb 3 to the camera and use the hub off the zwo cameras to comunicate to my laptop. I think this is going to be a KILLER plop n go system,that will be truly eazy to use. These pics are screen captures of the Sharpcap and CPWI with focus controll working right now by WiFI on the Evoultion mount..Stay I progress ....

And this setup with usb3 cable should work just as well with my HDX110 mount / AT10INT with the celestron to skywacher interface and ZWO cameras as hub.""

Mega Bob