Polar align tool: size of superimposed UI elements

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Polar align tool: size of superimposed UI elements

Post by clouzot » Thu May 21, 2020 10:25 pm

Not a bug, because it works as expected, but...

When polar aligning, after the RA has been rotated, a star is chosen, and marked with a square and an arrow that indicates the direction in which it should be moved. Problem is, those superimposed elements have a size that depends on the actual resolution of the camera you're using.

This is not an issue when the tool is used as was probably expected during the development: with a guide camera that has a few MPix (ASI120 and the such). The markups appear clearly and have a sensible size on screen.

But when you're using large cameras that have 16M, 20M or more pixels (I routinely do that with either my 183 or 294), those squares and arrows are quite tiny, all the more when you're close to the alignment target as they change to parallel lines. I have to zoom up to x200 or more to be able to see something. And sometimes, Sharpcap decides to switch to another star in the middle of the process: chances are the new star is out of view, so you dezoom, squint my old eyes to find where it is, zoom again, etc.

I don't know if this is feasible, but it would be good if these UI elements could be sized according to the screen resolution and not to the camera image resolution. At the moment, I just apply binning for the camera to lose definition during the polar align process, and switch back to normal when I'm done.

Or maybe it's due to Windows HDPi acting up (again), in that case please forget what I just wrote :mrgreen:

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Re: Polar align tool: size of superimposed UI elements

Post by admin » Fri May 22, 2020 6:14 pm


That makes sense – I've had to do similar things to the selection area drawing code to try to make sure it stays visible even when you are zoomed out on high resolution camera. SharpCap 3.2 is finished in terms of adding new features now (bug fixes only), but I will consider adding this to SharpCap 3.3 as that progresses.

Cheers, Robin

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