Plato - best 25% of 930 frames

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Plato - best 25% of 930 frames


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Captured May 2022, ~75% waxing moon. Captured around 23:00. Due to 'user error' this image was captured as 930 FITS files (rather than SER format).

Celestron AVX Mount, Celestron C8 SCT, UV/IR cut filter, QHY5LII-M camera, JMI motorised focuser.
1280x960, MONO8, FITS, exposure=1.5ms, gain=10.
Sharpcap 4, Autostakkert!3, Registax 6.
Stack best 25% of 930 frames with drizzle 1.5. Registax wavelets 1=6, 2=12, 3=6; gamma, contrast=95, brightness=3.

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