Narrowband Imaging - Results for M27

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Re: Narrowband Imaging - Results for M27

Post by turfpit »

The outer shell developing nicely now Brian.

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Re: Narrowband Imaging - Results for M27

Post by oopfan »

All right, last night I captured one more hour of Ha. Now the Ha and OIII stacks are perfectly in balance at SNR 59 for a total SNR 84. Total integration time 6.4 hours.

Now, I'm going to concentrate on wideband stacks: LRGB. Theoretically, LRGB will add "punch" to the stars. Last night, I did capture 1 hour's worth, but it is still noisy, so when I try to mix it in with the narrowband, the noise overwhelms the delicate narrowband nebulosity. I need to put more time into it.

Narrowband status:
Ha-7nm: 51x300s bin1
OIII-7nm: 26x300s bin1
Total SNR 84
TIT 6.4 hours

Wideband status:
R: 14x150s bin1
G: 8x150s bin1
Total SNR of a 16th magnitude star: 57 (typically I like to hit SNR 100)
TIT 55 minutes

Wishlist: I want to recapture 2 hours of OIII. Guiding was awful that night.

Here is the narrowband image:
M27_HOO-2_Ha-7nm-51x300s-b1_OIII-7nm-26x300s-b1_CBG_ST-15-3-25_SA-35-25_SH-4-5_AFF-EX-94.jpg (899.27 KiB) Viewed 105 times
And here is the wideband image (so far, still too noisy):
M27_R-15x150s-b1_G-8x150s-b1_ST-15-3-25_SA-35-25_SH-5-5_AFF-EX-96.jpg (992.71 KiB) Viewed 105 times
I've had three nights in a row of clear skies. (The last two had exceptional seeing conditions.) Up all night until dawn. Tonight is iffy. I'm calling it a wrap. Unsettled weather is arriving. Probably by the time it clears, the Moon will be a factor. I don't expect to be contributing to this project for at least a couple weeks.

Thanks for reading!

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