First Narrowband Light with the ASI294MM Pro

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Re: First Narrowband Light with the ASI294MM Pro

Post by umasscrew39 »

Dave- very cool. I have not tried APP but I like all of these. The combinations are endless not only for aesthetic purposes but scientific as when used by the Hubble Telescope. I only used Ha and OII so I assigned Ha as red, OII as both blue and green. I was planning on adding R,G,B and even SII but weather stopped me. I hope to continue more narrowband on other DSOs in the coming weeks.

Tim- thanks for the compliment. You are correct as the stars appear smaller(thus look fewer) due to the narrowband filters, my sky conditions, and post-processing. If you look at what Dave posted, note how there are more stars in the LRGB images vs. most (not all) of those with NB filters. Usually, star color will also get a bit distorted but most of mine appear ok. However, for narrowband as you noted, the objective is to get the nebula to pop out and be enhanced with the stars a non-issue. In fact, many folks deliberately remove the stars which I have done using PI but I do not like the look.
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Re: First Narrowband Light with the ASI294MM Pro

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Nice image as usual, I have the 1600mm and the microlensing is a pain in the butt especially on things line the horsehead as it just ruins the image. Having just brought the ASI2600MC Pro it will be a while before I look at another camera, just hope they don't bring out a 2600MM as that would be tempting just would probably need to sell a few organs to cover the cost + would have to move to 2" filters.

Keep the images coming.

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