LDN 1251 - Humpback Anglerfish Nebula

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Re: LDN 1251 - Humpback Anglerfish Nebula

Post by Menno555 »

And of course I must try it at bin 1 now ;)
But thanks for the extra info. Always nice to read how others are fiddling and trying :)

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Re: LDN 1251 - Humpback Anglerfish Nebula

Post by oopfan »


I always welcome competition!

I'm turning my attention to a neighbor just a couple degrees away. It's actually a more visually striking image, just in time for Halloween. Unfortunately it's got an even lower surface brightness. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I'll pick up 90 minutes in luminance. That should tell me a lot but I fear that this is a 10-20 hour project.

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