M33 8 minute total integration time

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M33 8 minute total integration time

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M33 100, 5 second subs, Gain 3000. Mallincamsky DS10c TEC. Image acquired by Sharpcap using Mallincamsky Ascom driver. Flats and darks made in Sharpcap. Pre-processing in Siril. Processing in Star Tools. 8 inch home made f/4.5 Newtonian using Agena optics+ Mallincamsky coma corrector. Tube was made by a local sheet metal company.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj7t6kmuyb8r4 ... d.png?dl=0

Dan Kahraman
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Re: M33 8 minute total integration time

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Hi Dan,

that's a really nice image – the stars are sharp aside from a touch of residual coma and the contrast between the Galaxy and the background has come out well. The magic of low F numbers - being able to get an image like that in 8 minutes!

Cheers, Robin
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