The Iris Nebula / first light Zwo ASI294MC Pro camera

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The Iris Nebula / first light Zwo ASI294MC Pro camera

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The Iris Nebula / NGC 7023 / The Netherlands, Bortle 8

This is just a test/work in progress, I have a new camera: Zwo ASI294MC Pro. But with it also a bit bigger FOV, so starting to push my unguided Ioptron CEM25EC.
I did know that 60 sec unguided was no problem but now hitting 120 sec unguided and no problems. I think that 4 minutes unguided is possible and that with an 8” f/10 SCT! The mount keeps on amazing me!

This is also my first reflective nebula capture and the processing the colors is a bit different I noticed, I have to get used to that. So made an B/W version.
This is just made with not that much data but next version will have several hours and color (probably). Still thought to share being it first light of the camera.

Meade LX65 8" f/10 ACF OTA
Ioptron CEM25EC mount (no guiding)
Baader Neodymium Skyglow filter
Zwo ASI294MC Pro camera

Captured with SharpCap @ -10 degrees Celcius / Offset 30 / White balance 50/50
30 x 60 sec / Gain 200
8 x 120 sec / Gain 120

Stacked in DeepSkyStacker with blacks + flats calibration files

Processed in PS: made B/W, Levels, Curves, Shadows/Highlights, noise reduction, down sampled from 4100 to 2000 pixels.

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