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The Lemon Slice Nebula (IC 3568)

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:53 am
by Menno555
The Lemon Slice Nebula (IC 3568) / The Netherlands, Bortle 8

23 degrees Celsius outside, camera temperature 32 degrees Celsius, a lot of seeing. Yep, perfect circumstances for nice, round stars .... not 😊

This nebula is not "spectacular" or wild but a perfect smooth one. I thought that this tiny fellow also deserved some attention 😊 And for comparison: through a telescope it is roughly the same size as Mars.

The Lemon Slice Nebula is a planetary nebula in constellation of Camelopardalis, very close to Polaris. It has an magnitude of around 12 and it is at a distance of 4500 lightyears. The diameter of the core is just 0.4 lightyears.
It is one of the most simple nebulae known and is almost perfectly spherical. The name derives from a false color Hubble image where it is yellow and the inner structure looks like a sliced lemon. The faint halo surrounding it is interstellar dust.

Ioptron CEM25EC mount (no guiding)
Meade LX65 8” f/10 ACF OTA
Baader Neodymium filter
Zwo ASI385MC camera

Capture with SharpCap: 100 x 30 seconds, gain 190 (of 600), 100 flats, 10 darks.
DeepSkyStacker: stacked the best 90%
Processed in PS: Curves and Levels, Shadows/Highlights