M16, Eagle Nebula, NGC 6611 - Ha/Oiii/Sii

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M16, Eagle Nebula, NGC 6611 - Ha/Oiii/Sii

Post by nexusjeep » Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:00 pm

Have been suffering withdrawal so thought sod it will have a session even if there is no astro dark period at this time of year so had a quick pop at the Eagle Nebula unfortunately it does not get very high and from my imaging location I basically also look over three large cities along the M5, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bristol so the viewing conditions were not the best as I usually like higher objects. The image is only 88 minutes so not particularly long for a session roll on winter.

Camera ASI 1600MM PRO + Baader narrowband filters
Ha 30 x 60s x 200g 30 offset and -20c
Ha 28 x 60s x 200g 30 offset and -20c
Ha 30 x 60s x 200g 30 offset and -20c
Telescope APM 130/780 LZOS + 1.0x Massimo Flattener so at F6

Image190706 Eagle 30ha- 28oii-30sii by Nick Davis, on Flickr

Thanks for looking.


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