M106 needs help

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M106 needs help

Post by numchuck » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:33 pm

I captured this on June 8th in Boerne , Texas with an ES127 FCD100 and a QHY183m on a CGX mount and guided with an orion 60mm f4 and a QHY5III290 . The main camera was set for 8 second exposures and a gain of 24 ; but I had some driver issues that limited my total exposure time to less than 26 minutes . So I know there are shortcomings with this image ; but what I need help with is my PHD2 setup . This was my very first attempt at guiding ; but I think my image is worse , in that , my stars are less round , than before , when I just used SharpCapPro by itself . I used 2 second exposures for my guide camera and PHD2 was telling me that it was guiding to within just over half an arc second . I know it probably wasn't really that good ; but I am very very new at using this program ; and I have not yet tried to dither ; but can you suggest ways that I might improve my guiding so that my stars are more round again ? Do you think that taking longer exposures with the guide camera would help , by limiting the frequency of corrections ?

https://drive.google.com/file/d/10nKNpP ... p=drivesdk

thank you for looking

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